Monday, September 11, 2017

Music! Music! Music!

Margaret, Me and Michele, our patient music teacher!
What a wonderful night we had on Saturday (9th. September) when we had a "Fifties" musical evening at the home of very good friend, Margaret, here in Yamba.

Twenty guests were invited by our hostess and a selection of Fifties pops were performed by both our ensemble (Marg on organ, Michele and I on Yamaha keyboards) and also individual presentations by Margaret and myself.
The musical "menu" consisted of the following classic pop-music items:-

  • Theme from "A Summer Place" (Margaret)
  • Love Is A Many-Splendoured Thing (Margaret)
  • Medley of Mona Lisa, Bluberry Hill & The Twelfth Of Never (Bruce)
  • A "sing-along" of Rock Around The Clock & Rockin' Robin (Michele on organ))
  • Fly Me To The Moon (Margaret)
  • Ensemble performance of Singin' The Blues, Love Me Tender & Music! Music! Music!
  • Bye, Bye Love (Bruce)
  • Diana (Bruce)
  • Chanson d'Amour (Bruce)
  • Catch A Falling Star (Margaret)
  • A "sing-along" of See You Later, Alligator (Michele on organ).

The musical evening was rounded out with a menu of "Fifties-style" dishes which included such delights as cheese cubes & cocktail onions on sticks, bacon & prune delicacies on sticks, beef stroganoff & rice and finished off with desserts of bread-and-butter pudding and ginger & fig pudding with cream.
Excellent! Thanks go to Venette, Graham and Ben.

It was a really fun evening and I am delighted that just over a year-and-a-half ago I had the opportunity to become one of Michele's students.
I love being able to "make music". 😃
Trying to be a kool-kat! (Fifties-speak!). Keyboard is Yamaha PSR E443

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