Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Storm Front

This storm-front rolled over Yamba in the late afternoon of Friday 20th. January.
A really fascinating cloud formation at the very leading edge of the storm.
The four photos were taken between 5:20 PM and 5:21 PM...that's how fast it was moving.

All the photos enlarge when clicked.

We had about 20 mm of rain in the hour or so following this amazing display and further soft rain today.
Nice...and very welcome.

UPDATE - Monday 23rd.
The area newspaper The Daily Examiner published two of the above shots, along with some from other contributors, in today's edition.
I also learned that the type of cloud formation is termed a "shelf cloud", or "shelf front".


  1. Fantastic shots Bruce and great job getting them published.

    1. Thanks, Roger.
      It was quite amazing watching that come over the top. Never seen anything like that in Canberra.

  2. G'day Bruce!

    Not that this has anything to do with clouds. ............ I just realised that it has been nearly 5 years since you took control of your IBM that I overhauled.

    I am hoping she has served you well except for the correction mechanism that was faulty long ago.

    My plans of visiting your end of the Oz has been curtailed mainly from my wife Debora's health and our desperate lack of finances mainly from my purchasing of 7 motorcycles and their restorations (I am now looking at a 2008 GoldWing)(as I now have a 78, an 88, a 98 and I have to keep up with the years ending in 8)(the 2018 is supposed to be a completely revamped version with a leading front link, rather than just a colour change)

    My typewriter antics have waned over the past few years, I just buy them if they are special to my interests then just shove them in a shelf for one day when motorcycles have quenched my thirst and my bank account).

    I hope you and your family is doing well and all is well in life.

    Best regards, Peter Brill.

    1. Peter!! Lovely to hear from you, mate.
      The typewriter is still with me but has not been used for, oh, over 18 month's now. But I turn it on every so often, run a bit of paper through it, do a few carriage returns and then turn it off and cover it up (genuine IBM period cover) for another few weeks.

      If you do ever get a chance to get over from the west and up here in the far north of NSW then it would be great to see you.
      Drop me an email (bhkAToutlookDOTcomDOTau) and we can catch up if you like.
      Take care on those bikes! (I sold mine....just two cars now).

  3. Pete,
    If you read this...I just checked the machine and the 1/4 1/2 key is staying down when depressed.
    Want to come over and fix it? :)


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